by Mac of BIOnighT

I’ll fly tonight, I’ll fly away, nothing will stand in my way Frozen cries I’ll leave behind, the rocket will carry me away My planet died, nothing’s alive, the night doesn’t breathe anymore Hope is there in outer space, a new planet’s waiting for me
We are like desert islands, we find our joy and agony; sometimes we find the right words, a sort of temporary bridge. We’re alone with ourselves, that’s the scary truth... Feel the cold on your skin, but feel the light in your soul. Only the hand in your hand, only the laughter of your friends, only the love of those you love will keep the shivers from your spine We were born to experience, we were born to live; think of all the beauty, that’s your shelter... Within the core of darkness, sensing the places where we stand, claiming to feel the wall between all that we were and what we’ll be... We don’t know the answers, and the doubts remain... climbing towards our future we’re falling into our past. Beyond the gates of Venus, beyond the fire within Mars lies like an endless sea of stars, something that we cannot explain. Remnants of an era, towers made of light... feel a loving heartbeat, that’s your shelter...
Captain’s log... but I shouldn’t be the captain. I have to lead these people to a new home, I have to find a new planet for them, but I don’t even think humanity deserves a new home. I think we shouldn’t be out here, we shouldn’t be looking for another planet to destroy, we shouldn’t be looking for... for another home. Humanity is a stupid, greedy race, we should disappear. I don’t even want humanity to survive... but it’s my duty to find a new home for them. I’m not the right person for this... I shouldn’t be the captain, I shouldn’t be the captain, I shouldn’t...
27 MOONS 06:28
27 moons dancing around a huge planet, a gas giant in a distant galaxy orbiting around a red sun. Light, darkness, gravity, order, peace... When Earth was finally destroyed by Man’s stupidity, the aggressive and self-destructive human beings that once populated it built enormous spaceships in their moon factories. They filled them with their arrogance and left to search for another planet. They wanted a new planet to exploit, a place where they could wage their wars and create news sets of beliefs that told them what to do and how to live, in order to be relieved from personal responsibility. But they couldn’t find another planet that could support their hateful, puny, insignificant lives. Slowly, the thought that maybe there was no other place for them in the Universe started creeping into their heads and what they still pretended were hearts. They were dying at an increasing rate as the ships’ support systems failed one after the other. Then they killed each other, following the selfish instinct that had guided them since their inception. Finally, only one of them remained. As he died, his last thought was of hate for the Universe. The last echo of the human race that vibrated through the cosmos was a reflection of their mean spirit. The huge planet never saw them, it was never damaged by their crave for destruction. All it saw of the human race was their last starship when it crashed into its red sun. Then all was peace again... 27 moons dancing around a huge planet in eternal, unbroken harmony....


JUST MUSIC series - vol 52

Genre: space rock, space music

(please refer to this page for notes about this series )

Sometimes I feel optimistic about humanity and I think the future will be like Star Trek, with everybody only striving to improve and evolve in all ways possible.
However, at times (possibly most of the time) I think humanity is hopelessly stupid and does not deserve to survive.
This work stems from this kind of pessimistic (or maybe realistic) view.


This album - down to the tiniest note - is entirely for Jerry Kranitz, who taught me so much about Space Rock and other neighboring genres through his amazing show and almost infallible taste - thank you!!

Also, I would like to thank all those who have bought my music throughout the years, thus allowing me to always record more - you are just great!

And Brian Brylow gets a hug, just because.


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released July 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Mac of BIOnighT Italy

I was one half of BIOnighT (a Berlin School duo that split in 2011) for twelve years. I've always recorded my own stuff, though, lots of it and in many diverse genres. So make sure to check out all of my albums on Bandcamp, at least one is bound to belong in a genre you like!
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