by Mac of BIOnighT

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MUSIC COLLECTION series vol 02

(please refer to this page for notes about this series )

One day one of my listeners told me he had put together some compilations of my tracks from various albums for his own enjoyment. I asked him if he could tell me which tracks he had chosen and he was kind enough to send me the complete list.
Now, something like this is very interesting for a musician, since it allows you to see how a person on the other end of your musical creations listens to them. It was so interesting, in fact, that I asked him if I could officially release those compilations he had created. Again, he was kind enough to let me do it, and here they are :)
Instead of just placing the tracks one after the other, I mixed them into several longer tracks, providing them with connecting sounds when necessary. This will allow those who are already familiar with these pieces to listen to them in a different way, and everybody else to sit down and enjoy the flow.
The title of this series of compilations comes from the name of its creator, Jason Merlo (”merlo” in Italian means blackbird). Thank you so much, Jason!


includes the following tracks:

- 30 Years Before (from "The Midday Hook 01")

- A Sad Secret (from "Upstairs")

- Unworthy (from "Justice")

- Common Lies (no voice version) (from "A Deceitful Smile")

- Rainy (from "Another Season")

includes the following tracks:

- Watching The Sea (from "Hides in the Fog")

- Too Much To Say (from "Little Things")

- Powerless (from "Aelectroid")

- Universe's Perfection (from "Spaceship Deneb")

- Song Of Lost Things (from "Space Cargo Atlantis")

includes the following tracks:

- Defining Moments (from "Aelectroid")

- Bells (from "Little Things")

- Dreaming Of The Moon (from "Time and Time Again")

- The Terrible War (from "Moonblade")

- Diplomacy Part 2 (from "Still Frames")

- 30 Years More (from "The Midday Hook 02")

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released November 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Mac of BIOnighT Italy

I was one half of BIOnighT (a Berlin School duo that split in 2011) for twelve years. I've always recorded my own stuff, though, lots of it and in many diverse genres. So make sure to check out all of my albums on Bandcamp, at least one is bound to belong in a genre you like!
Visit my website for more information: . For licensing, just contact me
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