by Mac of BIOnighT

COSMIC FATE Billions of creatures reclaiming what is theirs Tons of vegetation covering the ruins That race’s ugly kingdom is finally over, swallowed by their own destructive tendency Selfishness can only bring self-destruction All was silent at last The Universe knew what to do The planet just erased all traces of their lives No more needless suffering, no useless exploitation, no black clouds in the air above, no blood covers the ground Selfishness can only bring self-destruction All is back to normal, the way it should have been Their truly vast potential was wasted by their own self-indulgent thinking and delusion of immortality Their annihilation is almost irony Selfishness can only bring self-destruction Selfishness can only bring self-destruction
CACTI 04:15
CACTI Flashes from an ego Egocentric lives You’re beyond redemption Dirty souls and minds Leaders leading liars lost in lasting lies Lying on a carpet lovingly denied Ooh, no one’s here tonight Ooh, I don’t wanna cry Can’t afford distractions carried by the tide Liquid decorations coming from inside Sitting at the table Treating all the guests Guessing every outcome you put it all to rest Selfishness revolving just like crystal doors Lets in all the pleasures while you slowly kill Ooh, no one’s here tonight Ooh, I don’t wanna cry Narrow roads today will take you to tomorrow Days will fade away until you won’t care anymore Ooh, no one’s here tonight Ooh, I don’t wanna cry Ooh, no one’s here tonight Ooh, I don’t wanna cry
WALKING THROUGH Through the fights, through bad times, to the light of my own life
COMPUTER FLIGHT I’m your ship’s computer, we will fly tonight I will take you on a tour in space, closer to the sun Jupiter and Venus, flight by night Mercury and Saturn, flight by night Stars are all around, such beauty In space there’s no sound, so quiet
THIS SIDE OF MARS Silent waves and burns from a distant past Waiting for a break but fortune never came Like so many times before, hope began to wane I’m leaving the rings behind Saturn fades away Cosmic atmospheres where I will find myself On this side of Mars nothing will go wrong On this side of Mars nothing will go wrong


JUST MUSIC series - vol 71

Genre: space disco, electronic, berlin school, more

please refer to this page for notes about this series:

A space-disco inspired track (Cosmic Fate); A new mix/master of an old song of mine (Computer Flight); A long instrumental track originally composed for a collaboration with great musician Frank Tischer that we later discarded, when I realized it was too complete already for him to add anything to it (Sky Harbor). I wanted these three musical ideas to be on the same album, they were the starting point for the whole project. I needed some glue and a map to follow to make it work, though. I found them, as usual, among the images my uncle Sem sends me as candidate covers: a spacey cabinet able to contain these apparently unrelated tracks. After that, finishing these three tracks and creating the others was easy, and now here it is: the “Cabinet of Galaxies”.


released March 29, 2020


all rights reserved



Mac of BIOnighT Italy

I was one half of BIOnighT (a Berlin School duo that split in 2011) for twelve years. I've always recorded my own stuff, though, lots of it and in many diverse genres. So make sure to check out all of my albums on Bandcamp, at least one is bound to belong in a genre you like!
Visit my website for more information: . For licensing, just contact me
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