by Mac of BIOnighT

A broken window, forgotten decency Two separate bedrooms, a thick wall between two different lifetimes, no more words to say Just get in your car and drive... tonight. The final insult repeated many times, before and after walking the line No tears, no motion, dying slowly inside Just get in your car and drive...tonight. A broken window, forgotten decency Two separate bedrooms, a thick wall between two different lifetimes, no more words to say Just get in your car and drive... tonight. -- Meaning: Another fight, one of an uninterrupted string, and all I wanted to do was leave... I will never understand why the law punishes a man who beats a woman, but allows a woman to continuously, incessantly psychologically and emotionally abuse a man till nothing is left of him. That’s what happened between my parents. Though my father never laid a hand on my mother (if he had, at least they would have had an even chance), she painstakingly, obsessively worked on the destruction of anything he could have been through constant abuse. In the process, she destroyed anything we could have been as a family and left only scars and damage in her wake. I don’t know how so many women can be so evil as to do this, and how so many men can be so weak as to let them. If you are a couple like that and stay together “for the kids,” that’s all crap, you’re just two selfish and twisted minds and you should be ashamed: you are damaging your children.
Darkness, light, faster, still Summer, winter They can't touch me they won't touch me They can't touch me they will touch me, after all. -- Meaning: Sometimes you need to tell yourself that nothing is going to hurt you. No matter what happens, nothing will stop you. Except that deep inside, in those moments of weakness, you know something might, and you get scared, and you wish you could hide away someplace safe where things and people will never find you...
So many times I tried, so many times I... So many times I'll cry, but not for you So many times I'll fight, so many times... So many times I might, but not for you Too many times I've seen you, too many times I... hurting those around you, we can't forgive Your excuses are wearing thin, so many times... You've been living within your lie, it's only a lie... --- Meaning: Some people play the part of the victims for all their lives. They are always justified by everybody, whatever they do. In reality. they are just too lazy or cowardly to deal with their own inner problems, or they just find it more convenient to leave things the way they are. In the process, they damage all the people around them and just don’t care. I found myself wasting time and attention trying to help these people - who are constantly asking for help - way too many times, while they didn’t want to change their lives at all, they just wanted to suck my energy like vampires. Not anymore.
GRAY 02:30
In the night and out of sight, all you did in vain and all the pain, all the rain and rhymes were never enough to stop you Out of time and out of light, but you'll get up again you'll get up again and try again Seven times, seven times, seven times It feels right, it fills the night, it goes way beyond the pounding rain You left far behind the point where they could understand you Joy is rare, but there's enough You'll get up again you'll get up again and try again Seven times, seven times, seven times -- Meaning: If you choose a lifestyle that is not the one people normally choose, if you have ideas that are not the ideas society wants you to have, you often find yourself alone, misunderstood and looked down upon. You have to face all your difficulties and deal with your hurts by yourself, nobody understands. So you fall and get back up, again and again, but nothing will keep you down, no matter how hard or painful it is.
Come l'acqua che cade così, non capirai Come il tuono lontano da qui, non capirai Come il tempo che scorre lento nelle città Come il vento che soffia morto nelle città Climbing out of silence in the rain Shattering the silence in the rain Aural pictures painted on the rain Sounds like colors fading in the rain Come un fiume che non scorre più, non capirai Come foglia che non cade più, non capirai Come un canto che muore dentro, nella realtà Come pietra senza tormento, in verità (chorus x2) --- Translation of the Italian parts: Like the falling water, you won't understand Like the distant thunder, you won't understand Like the time that passes slowly in the cities Like the dead wind that blows in the cities Like a river that doesn't flow anymore Like a leaf that doesn't fall anymore Like singing that dies inside, inside of reality Like a stone without torment, in fact --- Meaning: Sometimes I look at people and I realize why the world is such a bad shape. People damage themselves and they think they are cool. They destroy their lives and are too dumb and blind to see what they are doing. The more stupid they are, the less they seem to suffer. They perpetuate the mistakes and the self-destruction of all the equally dumb and blind people that came before them. They let others use them and think they are free. When my discomfort grows too big, all I can do is make music, or take photos, or anything that drowns out the evidence of human stupidity, but my sounds and thoughts are like colors on the rain...


JUST MUSIC series - vol 40

Genre: 80's, synthpop, new wave, vocal

(please refer to this page for notes about this series macofbionight.bandcamp.com/track/introduction-to-the-just-music-series )

This album is yet another result of the ongoing collaboration with my uncle and photography teacher Domenico “Sem” Semeraro. He sent me the gorgeous photos you can see on the cover and, once again, the complete album formed in my mind, I only had to record it. His amazing talent has been a constant source of inspiration for me, and I’m extremely grateful to him for his generosity.

This is also a clearly autobiographical work (it’s made more evidently so by the presence of lyrics). Because of this, I decided to add an explanation of each track’s meaning in the booklet, along with the lyrics.

Breakfast at Max’s is for Max of Maxsynths - thank you for your friendship! - and it was recorded using only his awesome instruments


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released May 27, 2014

Music and lyrics: Mac of BIOnighT
Photography: Domenico "Sem" Semeraro


all rights reserved



Mac of BIOnighT Italy

I was one half of BIOnighT (a Berlin School duo that split in 2011) for twelve years. I've always recorded my own stuff, though, lots of it and in many diverse genres. So make sure to check out all of my albums on Bandcamp, at least one is bound to belong in a genre you like!
Visit my website for more information: www.macvibes.com . For licensing, just contact me macnight@inwind.it
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